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of Vikings


The Viking Saga

A long time ago, Vikings had a great influence in our region and on our island. Around year 800 they left Sweden for Finland. They first practiced trade in the area of current Satakunta and Pirkanmaa, populating the riverbank of Kokemäenjoki. Later they migrated all the way to Häme, where they encountered strong Finns.

Assembly of Vikings

Spend an unforgettable meeting or conference day on the Hamina archipelago, surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful nature, right next to an old Viking route. Gather round the fire, enjoy the peaceful calm of the nature, and spoil yourself with chieftain Ruhrig's dinner.

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Ruhrig's Viking Feast

Experience Hamina archipelago as a Viking, relax around the camp fire and learn the lifestyle of Vikings. There will be hanging out, Viking themed activities, relaxation and sauna, as well as a true feast in the evening.

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Viking Fishing Trip

Spend an unforgettable day on the Isle of Vikings! Enjoy the beautiful scenery, fish in the clear sea water, and spoil yourself with Viking chieftain Ruhrig's feast in the evening.

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On chieftain's Ruhrig's table

Freyr's kitchen

For lunch
  • Freyrin fish soup
  • Freya's meat soup
  • Viking pea soup stewed over fire with smoked meat, and Knut The Great's mustard
  • Rye bread and butter

Dagfinn's sea breakfast

  • Hearty start to the morning with egg omelettes and pork meat

Chieftain Ruhrig's dinner feast

  • Siegrid's smooth mushroom soup
  • Fresh-salted fish from the Viking waters
Main course
  • Cured or smoked pork
  • Speared fish, smoked or prepared over fire
  • Åskorv's country-style sausages
  • Knut The Great's mustard
  • Salads from assorted vegetables
  • Root vegetables stewed in honey and herbs
  • Preserved red onions
  • Rye bread
  • Gunhild's pancakes with berry jam
  • Homemade cheese with berry jam or honey
  • Honey almonds
  • Tea and coffee
  • Welcome drink: Honey Mead
  • Wild Viking Beer
  • White and red wine
  • Schnapps: Tervanaukku

A-license on the isle.

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