Isle of Vikings | Rakinkotka

Viking chieftain Ruhrig's feast on the Isle of Rakinkotka

EExperience Hamina archipelago as a Viking, relax around the camp fire and learn the lifestyle of Vikings. There will be hanging out, Viking themed activities, relaxation and sauna, as well as a true feast in the evening.


  • Arrival at Vimpasaari (ca. 10min car drive from Hamina)
  • Journey to Rakinkotka by sea (ca. 20min)
  • Chieftain Harald's welcoming speech and Ruhrig's welcoming drink in the chieftain's house
  • Ancient Viking trail full of riddles and activities, such as ax throwing, tug of war, knot making, archery and many more. Making the hike easier is special Viking Beer.
  • Tasting of Njord's fish catch
  • Saunas are ready; Rakirök's gentler heat in kalliosavusauna or higher heat in wooden sauna on the shore
  • Excellent swimming places on clear Viking waters. Towels provided.
  • Served at chieftain Ruhrig's dinner feast:
    • For starters Siegrid's smooth forest mushroom soup
    • For the main course smoked pork, speared fish, Åskorv's country-style sausage, Knut The Great's mustard, salads from assorted wild vegetables, root vegetables stewed in honey and herbs, preserved red onions, rye bread
    • For dessert pancakes and forest berry jam, tea and coffee
    • Drink options include water, beer, white and red wines, schnapps
    • A-license on the isle.

During their wedding feast, Trymr was bewildered when the "bride" devoured an entire ox, eight salmons and all of the little bites meant for women at the table, then washed it down with a barrel of wine. Loki explained such appetite as being caused by nerves that prevented Freyja from eating before the wedding.


FFrom May to October
Duration: 6 hours
For 5-10 people (inquire for bigger groups)
Price: for 5-10 people 1690€ per group, for 11-30 people 159€ per person. Price includes journey from Vimpasaari to Rakinkotka and back, Viking feast, drinking water, activities, equipment rental and insurances. Not included in the price are alcoholic drinks and VAT.
For additional price: Rakirök's kalliosavusauna for 490€. Viking helm for 20€. Accommodation and sea breakfast on the Isle of Vikings for 139€ per person. Hot tub for 195€.

Ruhrig's feast is excellent choice for corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties and the like.
Inquire also for Christmas dinners.

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